We are consumer goods company that markets food products and Home & Personal Care products, with production plants in Chile and abroad.

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Your business with StarBri

We are a group of executives with renowned experience and leadership in commercial areas, both in mass consumption and retail. We specialize in the mass marketing of Food and Non-Food products.

Our purpose is simple and clear;

To develop good products, enhancing our clients’ value proposition, empowering and facilitating solid and sustainable commercial relationships in the long term.

And how do we achieve this?

Due to significant knowledge of the supplier market, packaging, and production plants, and of course, because we do not have installed infrastructure that increases costs. For the same reason, we dedicate ourselves daily to searching, improving, and optimizing the production chain of our allied suppliers, delivering commercial conditions that not only improve the Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) index but also strengthen our clients’ perception of price and quality.

The first brand we launched on the market

G1854º is a tribute to the rich geography and hard work in Chile, told through its geographical degrees. Feel and experience the essence of Chile with G1854º.

With a superior value proposition in the segment where it competes, starting from its look, G1854 is a brand that democratizes the consumption of good products at convenient prices.

What makes us different

Experience in more than +2000 products launched in the market.

Experience and market knowledge

Sustainable and flexible


If it’s in the world, it’s in StarBri




Our categories

Your business with StarBri

We are specialists in category development and believe in the sustainability of the business in the long term.

Some of our clients

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